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Windows 2000 Minimum Specifications and Requirements

Windows 2000 Professional install on an old hard drive (HDD)




Now insert the Windows 2000 Professional CD and reboot your computer. The first menu will now appear, it will say "Press any key to boot from CD...." at this point press the space bar on the computer.

Windows will start to install. This may take some time as Windows copies file in preparation to install.

Now press "ENTER" to start the Install.

Now the user Agreement, read and Press "F8" to continue, if you disagree press "ESC", setup will then exit.

Now as there is already information on the hard drive, you will get the next menu, select "D" to delete the drive.

Now press "ENTER" to confirm you are going to delete it.

Now if you are 100% certain that you can loose 100% of the contents of your harddrive then press "L" to finalize the deletion process.

Now you will be given the option to setup the hard drive, if you wish to use maximum space then just press "ENTER" to continue, otherwise use "C" to setup smaller partitions.

Now select how you wish to have the hard drive formated. Use the following as a guide for duel booting.

NTFS for Windows 2000 or XP

FAT for Windows ME and 98

Press "ENTER" once choice is made to start format.

Drive will now format, this can take some time depending on hard drive size.


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